When Panic Attacks - David D. Burns, M.D.

Posted by Howell Klocko
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When Panic Attacks - David D. Burns, M.D.

There is a wealth of GREAT information in this book! I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for most of my adult life (almost 15 years now). The information in this book is definitely helping me a great deal.

the author requires you to fill out a few worksheets and surveys throughout the therapy. the problem is that these forms are stuck in the ebook. there is nowhere online to download them that i have found yet.

I feel kind of like i'm being suckered into buying a hard copy of the book in addition to the digital copy just so I can get my hands on the forms. not cool.

if anyone has any insight as to where to find these forms please let me know!!


I DO NOT recommend downloading this ebook. you have to use the worksheets to complete your therapy and they are NOWHERE to be found on the internet. I have contacted the author through two different contact emails on his site and have heard nothing back. if you want to use the techniques in this book (which have apparently worked for many many people) then find a hardcopy of this book.

i feel like i've wasted my time and money with this oneā€¦.can I get my money back?