Vendetta in Death - J. D. Robb

Posted by Lewis Keebler
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Vendetta in Death - J. D. Robb

First off, this is a good book. There’s a lot of richness to the ancillary characters, especially the villain, which is part of what makes the “In Death” books so good. Ditto for the mystery, its development, and its solution, although l would enjoy it more if Ms. Robb would keep the mystery going longer or occasionally give us a surprise twist at the end like she used to.

That said, I’m losing interest in Eve and Roarke, the main characters. People change over time, and after 50 books, Eve and Roarke definitely need to show some growth. Please. Reading about perfect people is boring.

I know, Eve is not perfect. Unfortunately, she’s perfectly imperfect and very predictable, and that’s getting old. Roarke’s perfection only works against Eve’s strong ethics and delightfully unpredictable reactions and solutions to her own imperfections.

Reading about people who face no new personal challenges is also boring. What, does Eve have no ticking clock? Is she going to remain fertile and young forever? Roarke wants children; he’s made that very clear. He’s also uber-accustomed to getting what he wants. Eve is scared to death of children, especially having one of her own. This conflict was deliberately set up by the author ages ago. Seriously, what’s Roarke going to do? Give up without a whimper? Decide to do the test tube thing or adopt someone else’s child and raise it in separate compartment so Eve doesn’t have to deal with it?

Please, Ms. Robb, give us back our wonderful friends. Make them real again. It’s not enough for Mavis—who we almost never see anymore, anyway—to have another kid. There are so many ways for this essential conflict to play out, so many opportunities for Roarke and Eve to grow within it, and you are a good enough author to knock it miles out of the ball park.

I walked by “Vendetta in Death“ in the store when it first came out. I’ve never done that to an “In Death” book before. I only remembered it and downloaded it when I ran out of books by other authors I wanted to read.
Please take the time to do it right on the next book, or soon I’ll just keep walking.