True Meditation - Adyashanti

Posted by Kyle Okuneva
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True Meditation - Adyashanti

I want to help other inexperienced meditators like myself to avoid this audio, which I find to be intolerable. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main reason is that this seems like a three and a half hour extemporaneous speech on meditation.

This is supposed to be teaching, an active attempt to deliver knowledge, which requires planning and preparation. But this audio is evidently unstructured, long-winded, extremely repetitive, poorly delivered, and otherwise sloppy. Even rudimentary planning, editing, and refining would have made this audio much more acceptable. For example, Adyashanti rephrases the same ideas so many times that he eventually runs out of real words -- "The meditator in us is the 'efforter.'"

Maybe this is more appealing if you aren't new to this and you don't have a problem with his delivery. I bought this because I liked the description, the preview seemed OK, there was an average rating of four and a half stars, and there were three out of three glowing reviews. Despite all this, I couldn't be more disappointed. I hope someone like me finds this review helpful.