The Worst President Ever: The Definitive Record of Barack H. Obama - R.G. Belie, PhD

Posted by Kamron Paucek
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The Worst President Ever: The Definitive Record of Barack H. Obama - R.G. Belie, PhD

Barack Obama entered the presidency of the United States promising "Hope and Change" and the most transparent government in the history of the country. As the first black president, he offered soaring rhetoric about unifying the country, moving beyond racial strife, and making the world a safer place.

Instead he launched wars on business and energy killing jobs and forcing US companies overseas, forced big government inefficiency into the American health care system, gutted the US military, insulted US allies, ignored naked Russian aggression, and became the number one US apologist for Islam even as its terrorists launched attacks all around the world. One scandal after another plagued his administration without any sign of corrective actions. At every turn he mocked personal responsibility, proactive policing, and American exceptionalism. He ingrained political correctness into government policy while at the same time, he openly flaunting the rule of law and the constitution. He failed to manage government spending and doubled the US debt. He embraced deception, and the truth was too frequently a stranger in his administration.

Obama was unprepared to take on the most complex job in the history of the world, and he compounded his inexperience by surrounding himself with sycophants with no practical experience of their own. As president, he was arrogant, detached, slow to act, slow to learn, but far too fast to criticize, deflect blame, and play the race card.

In the key responsibilities of the president of the United States like making Americans safer, improving the economic well being of all citizens, and running the government efficiently, Obama failed. In fact, he failed in each of these responsibilities to the extent that in each, his performance was the worst of any US president. Summing these failures as a whole makes Obama the unchallenged “Worst President Ever”!

This book chronicles Obama’s performance as president in detail in each of these categories providing indisputable proof that Obama was more than just a failed president. He was the worst president ever!