The Way of the Knife - Mark Mazzetti

Posted by Elliott Hill
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The Way of the Knife - Mark Mazzetti

I found the material very interesting. Not having read much on this topic before I found it very hard to put down. The material is presented in a great way with very little bias or opinion (it felt a lot like an information dump) which is how I like my non fiction.

The only thing I didn't like was there needed to be a little more history. I think A LOT of Americans are clueless about a great many background things presented in the book, for example he mentions the following event in very little or no detail; Iran-contra, black hawk down in Mogadishu, the socio political systems of Yemen, Ethiopia and to a lesser extent Somalia. Pakistan got A LOT of ink which is nice but I think the average American has no concept that these nations literally have no control over their own territory or citizenry. I would have liked the history of these territory and events a little more but I suppose that's what other books are for.

Overall an excellent read