The Total Money Makeover (Abridged) - Dave Ramsey

Posted by Howell Klocko
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The Total Money Makeover (Abridged) - Dave Ramsey

So, here you are debating wether or not to buy this audiobook. You've heard this Ramsey guy knows his stuff, but the reviewers complain that he's preaching Jeebus at you. What do you make of it? Let me tell you.

My wife used to drag me, kicking and screaming, to the kitchen table so we could discuss the dreaded F-word... Finances. She couldn't get me to open up and I refused to talk about money. One day she showed me a documentary called Maxed Out that opened my eyes. I realized I was spiralling out of control and was headed to the poor house. There it was. I had fought half the battle and realized I needed to change. But what do I do? Where do I start? I have bad credit. I was young and dumb and had wound up in $20,000 in debt.

That's where Dave Ramsey comes in. Maxed Out had featured Dave for a few minutes and he left an impression on me. He had a plan. It was simple. It made sense. It was easy enough for me to understand, and it was good enough to get me to change my ways. My wife and I had a long, but productive talk about how to get ourselves financially fit and change our family tree.

We bought the Total Money Makeover, and we used the baby steps and the smart money principles that Ramsey teaches and today, we're out of credit card debt, we're about to pay off my car, and we are making smart decisions that will allow us to be prosperous and wealthy.

And as a bonus, we never fight at the kitchen table anymore.

The Bottom Line:
Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover is financial freedom and security in a simple, and easy to understand format.