The Secret (Unabridged) - Rhonda Byrne

Posted by Howell Klocko
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The Secret (Unabridged) - Rhonda Byrne

My advice: Take the practical tips for what they’re worth, but drink all the Kool-Aid.

The book presents some great, time-tested tips and I do see the benefit of the philosophy (and agree with a decent chunk of it). When applied, I believe the practices can, and have for me in some instances, bring about a lot of good.

However, in order to convince you that you have control over creating all good in your life, it makes the case that 1) you can take credit for all the good that has happened to you and 2) you are responsible for all the bad in your life, both due solely to your thoughts. In doing so, it erases (or at the very least washes over) privilege and systematic oppression and inherently blames victims (of anything, apparently) for what has happened to them. It also appropriates a lot of religious concepts for the sake of monetary gain and overall reads as tone-deaf privileged people taking credit (via “the secret”) for their success by “thinking” it to them and assuming the same will work for others.