The Power - Rhonda Byrne

Posted by Flavie Jacobi
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The Power - Rhonda Byrne

When I first saw the film The Secret I didn't like it. It seemed too canned , too easy, but I didn't have much to lose at the time. I was going through bankruptcy, my relationships weren't working out, and my business was struggling. So I decided to listen to it over and over. I played it every night as I fell asleep. I didn't find the pink feather I envisioned and I didn't win the lottery. Instead I found myself feeling grateful for the good in my life; my beautiful daughters, my wonderful sisters, the business I love. I met the man of my dreams and moved into a house beyond my dreams. My business grew.
It's funny that even though I know that what I learned and applied from The Secret had a powerful effect for good in my life, I still felt a little skeptical when The Power came out. The trailer is gorgeous and if you haven't bookmarked it yet, do that now. But what I still struggle with (I mean used to struggle with before today) is a lack of money. No matter how much came to me it slipped away and I felt lack. Two hours ago I bought the book The Power and sat down to read it. Foremost in my mind was the question, "what can this book do that The Secret couldn't?" I read through the forward and the acknowledgements, smiling at the names of her daughters. I cried when I read the tribute to her Mum. I know Rhonda's voice from listening to the commentary part of The Secret CD, so I heard her reading the words of Chapter One to me. When she said that we view everything in our lives as either positive or negative, something shifted. I saw that I must have viewed my access to funds negatively. As soon as I realized that I saw that I could change that thought, and then, I give you my word this is true, within minutes an unexpected check for two thousand dollars was in my hands. Unsolicited, out of nowhere, for no reason and with no explanation. So I'm going to the bank to deposit it. Then I'm coming home to finish the first chapter but I will hold this book with more respect. You weren't kidding when you called it The Power, but Rhonda Byrne, your name is Love.