The Laws of Human Nature (Unabridged) - Robert Greene

Posted by Howell Klocko
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The Laws of Human Nature (Unabridged) - Robert Greene

In this book I can since Roberts maturity. He has grown from all the other books that I’ve read from him. Somehow through his own self awareness and search of self has fused his knowledge of the human condition from the perspective of power, seduction, strategy, and overall self mastery.

Not surprisingly these facets of this work came from his previous works. Here I can see Robert really diving into and moving away from the mere strategy and Machiavellian approach to life and moving deeply into the self, While somehow still showing the importance of strategy and the other prudence of life.

When I complete this audiobook, I was so engrossed in the material that when the narrator said thank you for listening to this audiobook I was taken aback that it was over. Somehow now I wish the book was longer.

Having read all of Roberts books, I can honestly say that this is his masterpiece. And just like his last chapter on death, he can move on from this life knowing that he has made his mark, left his stamp, and his work will go on for hundreds of years.

Thank you Robert.

-Orlando O. Spencer I™️