Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

Posted by Talon Schmeler
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Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

Is how I’ve described it to friends and family whom asked, “what!s it about?” I’ve recommended it (and Homo Deus) to many, gifting it several times - as I insisted they listen. I AM NOT A “READER “. I’m an attorney and if I’m reading it’s always work-related. I never enjoyed reading.

This book actually changed me at an elemental level. It gave me a perspective - really more of a lens- through which I’m able to process and begin to understand personal, professional, and inter-personal problems which I’ve been coping with my entire life.

Intellectually, I don’t see any real flaws in the author’s logic. Critics seem to mis-read him to say that although we inexplicably evolved from other organisms, he’s certain it was not God’s design. I didn’t take him to mean that at all. I read it to say that irrespective of the origin(s) or catalyst for our evolution from apes, we are the most successful species of animal because we are able to collaborate with others, based on our unique ability to create, disseminate, and enforce a fiction.

That fiction may be God, it may be a piece of paper with numbers on it (money), a caste system, “manifest destiny”... whatever the fiction is / was is incidental. But, it is exactly our ability to believe in and convince others to believe in an imagined something greater than ourselves that makes us “successful” in terms of numbers.