Money Master the Game - Tony Robbins

Posted by Omer Quitzon
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Money Master the Game - Tony Robbins

Hi I'm Netta and this review is of Tony Robbins Money: Master The Game Book. This is my opinion I had a chance to received free sampler what I read was awesome and I took a lot from it.

Tony gives some great advice about Money. One thing that caught my attention while reading was tony states that "Money have the power to provoke such extreme human emotions. A lot of us refuse to even talk about money! Like religion, sex, or politics, the topic is taboo at the dinner table and often off-limits in the workplace."

Which is true in so many ways. Tony talks about so many great things in the book but that quote caught my attention and I agree 100% it's like money rules everything.

Well I don't want to go on and on but trust me I'm telling you it's a good read and you should order it you wouldn't want to put it down and that's real talk!