Malled - Caitlin Kelly

Posted by Kailee Brakus
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Malled - Caitlin Kelly

I've been in retail my entire adult life. I've worked as a salesperson, cashier, buyer, to now owning a very successful business for the last 20+ years. I've seen women like the author before. They pander to us in the interview and know everything by the first week. Why? Because they are smarter, more educated, more worldly and are just "slumming" because they need some extra cash. The author is clueless. She thinks she is qualified to comment on the rough life of retail after working one shift a week. Really?

Do we really need to hear her constant reminders of who she is, a professional journalist? For someone with her credentials, the book is quite a disappointment. It's trite, boring and whiney. She mentions just how much she hates snobs, but doesn't realize she is one herself. Don't bother reading this unless you'd like to witness someone desperately trying to let you know she is somebody, not a mere salesclerk.