Liberty and Tyranny - Mark R. Levin

Posted by Elliott Hill
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Liberty and Tyranny - Mark R. Levin

This was the first Levin book I've read, and I plan on purchasing Men in Black once I'm done with a couple other books. Mr. Levin's message is a very simple, straightforward one, and requires the conversation be changed from traditional Republican vs. Democrat argument and instead focused on the classical liberal vs. the statist. The reasoning for this is there are both in each political party, and a statist Republican can be as damaging if not more so than a statist Democrat because they impede true progress and a return to the constitutional republic that made our nation the greatest on Earth. He outlines, in easily understood language, how statism, with the rise of Woodrow Wilson all the way through Barack Obama, has destroyed the individual freedoms and private property rights of the average American, and has sent the United States down a path to moral and monetary bankruptcy.

Critics have stated that Levin creates a strawman in his construction of the statist, but the fact is the statist is truly that destructive for the American way of life. This is, in my opinion, a critical piece of literature for the citizen who believes in American Exceptionalism and refuses to sacrifice individual liberty for collective "salvation".