How To Eat To Live: Book 1 - Elijah Muhammad

Posted by Lewis Keebler
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How To Eat To Live: Book 1 - Elijah Muhammad

I have been doing the 1 meal a Day lifestyle for 2months now. About 2 weeks after starting my 1 meal a day I began reading this book and taking notes. It’s been a total transformation. At first I lost a lot of weight. I went from 168lbs to 158lbs then balanced out to 160 plus i lost all of that belly fat that was hard to get rid of; 6 pack is back! Just as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said would happen: “When you begin eating once a day, certainly you will begin to lose weight until you are used to eating once a day. Then you will start gaining weight again. But fat is not wanted for health. It is an enemy to health.” - Elijah Muhammad I've had people come up to me countless times saying that I look really good and that I look really young. My thinking is very clear and my discipline has improved to a higher degree. This is a MUST READ! I will be starting the Book#2 Next week.

A couple quotes from the book:

“I have been missioned only to warn you in the simplest language. I cannot force you to go to hell or heaven.”
“said to me, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, eat one meal every two or three days. Do not be frightened, brothers and sisters, that with your meal hours being lengthened you may die or become too hungry.
You will live and you will not be hungry, after you have gotten your stomach used to the long intervals between meals. Your stomach will take food only when you give it food.”

“I got used to that within a couple of weeks. And, after a certain length of time, I tried eating once every two days, with nothing between but coffee.”

“The scientist should not advocate the use of such poisonous chemicals as fluoride, chloride, and sodium, which may have a bad effect on our brains and our human reproductive organs.”

“D.D.T., which is sprayed on food while it is growing up from the earth, is also a poison that should not be put into the human body, regardless of the desire to kill insects, that loves to dine on the same food on which we dine. The poison may not take instant affect on us, as it does the insects, but it can, over the long years, help shorten the span of our lives.”