Hardball - Chris Matthews

Posted by Omer Quitzon
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Hardball - Chris Matthews

It's truly amazing how Mathews strives to disguise bias through "fact based reportage" with such a left leaning slant - it would make George McGovern whence in his grave! Why does Mathews feel like he has to win every argument, even when it is blatantly obvious to the truly objective that he does not prevail many times..

Brother Chris continues to heap red meat to his leftist lemmings with a biting, cutting, rat-a-tat-tat delivery that belies rational debate and critique. He should review some of the thoughtful yet pointed discourse between John Kenneth Galbraith and William F Buckley if he aspires to such lofty "debate heights"

The book Hardball is warmed over tripe from a past Tip O'Neill staffer and Jimmy Carter speech writer.

Hardball?? No no.... More like Foosball !