Free Will - Sam Harris

Posted by Howell Klocko
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Free Will - Sam Harris

I have been arguing against free will for years now and have participated in many debates on the subject. When I heard Sam was releasing a book on the subject arguing against us having free will I was excited. Well, the book is just okay, not exceptional. Sam goes over some common topics that have to do with free will and why we don't have it but never goes in depth enough. It is a good but short beginners guide to why we don't have free will. People new to the subject might find it refreshing. But vet free will deniers like myself will find it lacking in detail and thoroughness.

I think a thorough breakdown of "self" should have been examined to show how "I" am a product of the environment. Self must be defined and understood to understand why we don't have free will.

While there is a chapter on cause and effect, the causality topic should have been a bigger part of this book to better demonstrate how deterministic nature is and how it makes it possible for us to make any meaningful predictions at all. If this was thoroughly examined it would show how there is no room for free will in our universe governed by the laws of physics and causality. Direct and indirect chain of events should have been examined.

There are many other topics to cover that I will keep to myself for now and just release in my own book. There are few books on no free will, so I appreciate this effort and it will be an ok introduction to some people.