For Better and Worse - Margot Hunt

Posted by Barton Kilback
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For Better and Worse - Margot Hunt

A good plot and good narrator. Loved the premise of the story, and the author’s way of describing the area and characters. Sucked me right in.
I wish more time had been spent making the villain, Robert, vile, i. e. sneakier and complex - and endearing Charlie to the reader a little more. The two main characters, especially Will, hooked me from the first 10 minutes of listening. Strangely, I liked the Therapist and thought for a time that she would play a bigger part in the overall story.
This author definitely has my attention and I plan to do a little research on her soon. Hope she has more books available.
I will ask again, PLEASE indicate to us, the Purchasers, whether or not an Audiobook is Abridged before we buy.
I have passed on so many audiobooks that sound great - in fear of accidentally wasting money on yet another Abridged book.
I would (and did) recommend this Audiobook to my circle of friends. Pandora53