Echo Burning - Lee Child

Posted by Laverna Cruickshank
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Echo Burning - Lee Child

Spoiler Alert
I am grateful that there was a Reacher book where he actually didn’t sleep with a woman he just met.
Does it bother anyone else that he doesn’t seem to wear deodorant? I’m glad he at least has a toothbrush, but I can’t imagine how bad he must smell with all that intense action and no deodorant.
I’m not sure why I begin a new Reacher book as soon as I finish each one. The first few I read were all really good, but it seems like every other one I read now is disappointing. This storyline was highly implausible, so that made it hard stick with to the end.
Mr. Child’s opinion of Christian conservative Texans like me is painfully obvious. I think it is probably an opinion quietly shared by many authors, but Mr. Child spells it out loud and clear for you. Thankfully, his opinion of Texas and Texans is far removed from the reality I inhabit. It is quite tiresome the way that liberal individuals accuse conservatives of being racist. Liberals are the ones who seem dogmatic about continually pointing out and stirring up the differences in races and projecting opinions on different groups. As a Christian, conservative, Southerner, I know that God created every single one of us, and no one person is better than anyone else.
Now, off to start the next Reacher in line, fingers crossed it’s a good one...