Dry Bones - Margaret Mayhew

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Dry Bones - Margaret Mayhew

In this “enjoyable, heartwarming cozy” set in the English countryside, a grim discovery turns a cast of charming villagers into murder suspects (Booklist).
Having settled into the village of Frog End, the Colonel has learned that while the English countryside may seem as lively as a stagnant pond, there is actually plenty going on. When he receives a letter from an old friend of his late wife, telling him that “something very horrible has happened” and asking for his help, he is intrigued and happy to assist. But when he travels to the village of King’s Mowbray to see Cornelia, he is shocked to learn the nature of her distress. A dead body has been discovered under the floor of her barn. And when the Colonel deduces the identity of the deceased, more than a few of Cornelia’s neighbors become suspects.
This is book three in the Village Mysteries.
“It is the courtly, charming Colonel; the gently understated humor; and the pleasing descriptions of British village life that make it such a winning read.” —Booklist