Conscience of a Conservative - Jeff Flake

Posted by Nova Dickens
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Conscience of a Conservative - Jeff Flake

This book is written to conservatives, and to anyone interested in how conservatives wish to see themselves be defined--rather than as the straw man, stereotyped conservative so often referred to in the press. But it should be a beacon of light to everyone, and I would love to see a sister book written by and for those on the left.

Mr. Flake's focus on principles of good political behavior and interaction should be appreciated and aspired to by everyone across the political spectrum. We've got pull ourselves back from the boorish and uncompromising brink, and not let the name calling, ridicule, bigotry and even thuggery on both sides take us over. And this book would be a good place to start that conversation. This is important for everyone, especially for the younger generation, who need to see it in action from the grown ups. With this book, Mr. Flake helps show the way.