Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel (Unabridged) - Lee Child

Posted by Kamron Paucek
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Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel (Unabridged) - Lee Child

Jack Reacher has been at it a long time now, so he’s been there: done that. When he lands in the middle of a loan-shark, protection rackets, Internet manipulation scheme, he looks like he is home.

However, the progress of the story felt a little to controlled by him. The antagonists all did exactly like he predicted. It did’t make Reacher seem brilliant, though. Instead it made the story seem contrived. While the climax had a novel solution, the journey there was only “ok.”

This one isn’t as “seat of the pants” action-packed as some of the earlier Jack Reacher adventures. It’s still a good story with a timely plot line and I didn’t dislike it.