Becoming (Unabridged) - Michelle Obama

Posted by Kamron Paucek
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Becoming (Unabridged) - Michelle Obama

Potential readers/listeners - please don’t take the reviews of the angry, triggered conservatives and Trump supporters seriously. It really takes some unbelievable amount of self hate (yep, SELF hate) to come on here and try to bring Michelle’s work down with a measly audiobook review. Please just stop this desperate madness and hate. She doesn’t care, you look dumb, move on!

This is a wonderful book and it’s so awesome to see it be read by Michelle herself. So proud of her for putting her story out there for us all to read/hear. Not only as the past FLOTUS, but as a woman of color as well. Speaking HER truth and HER story. An inspiration to all of us, still. And forever!

When they go low, we go high ♥️