Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged) - Tony Robbins

Posted by Howell Klocko
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged) - Tony Robbins

I bought the book version of this years ago and finally read it on a long plane flight overseas. The book was fantastic and has literally changed my life. One of the most profound topics in the book - the words you use to others and yourself, has completely changed how I react to situations. E.g., instead of becoming furious at a situation, i now say that "I'm a little peeved". Robbins even teaches you to use the modifier "little" or "bit". It sounds strange but it really works.

None of this is in the audiobook. None. The audiobook is nothing more than a glorified table of contents with none of the specifics that make the book so great.

Buy the book and not the audiobook. They are NOT the same and the audiobook was very disappointing.