Angels & Demons - Dan Brown

Posted by Adaline Hegmann
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Angels & Demons - Dan Brown

Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons" is a dark, twisted, and absolutely BRILLIANT read.

Harvard Prof. of Symbology, Robert Langdon, is summoned to CERN, a secretive research center in Geneva, Switzerland after the death of a brilliant scientist, and priest named Leonardo Vetra. Vetra was brutally murdered in his apartment, and branded with a mysterious symbol. "Illuminati". A underground antireligous cult thought to be dead for centuries. Vetra, and his daughter, and research assistant Vittoria, were in the process of creating something that would merge the two long warring worlds of Science and Religion. Their quest for answers leads Robert and Vittoria to Vatican City, the center of the Catholic religion. While there, they learn of a sadistic plot to murder 4 of the highest ranking Cardinals of the Church. Their journey to prevent the deaths of the 4 well respected men is one filled with mystery, strange puzzles, and edge of your seat thrills. Brown's brilliant use of real life locations and documents to tell the story makes it almost seem as if you're traveling wit Langdon and Vittoria. There's never a dull moment here. A MUST read