A New Earth (Oprah #61) - Eckhart Tolle

Posted by Adaline Hegmann
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A New Earth (Oprah #61) - Eckhart Tolle

Tolle has such a wonderful way of expressing depth of human evolving and process necessary to live and feel a conscous life. Many are/may not be ready to awaken themselves and in so doing.....will defend their limited and ego filled existence.

If you identify yourself as a "christian", then your dogmatic and myopic view of the world and life will obscure the teachings found here, because if you're christian, then everyone who isn't....is wrong or bad and that is already inherantly small thinking and self limiting to expansion on any level. Just another role that is filled with ego and a sleepwalking life.

Thanks to this book millions have become 'aware" of the ego and limited "thinking" lives and have been able to live in abundance.....which is a natural state free from ego or possession. Inner peace trumps all when you realize what is truly important to you. What a great book and greater message for life.